THE WITNESS, a new full-length LP out 11/13 on WhiteLabBlackLab.

After the 2012 release of their LP Plague, The Eastern Sea (Austin, TX) took no time getting used to high praise. Popmatters called the band “way ahead of the bell curve,” while Paste referred to the album’s sound (somewhere between Explosions in the Sky and Death Cab for Cutie) as “a pretty cool place to be for a band this young.” 

Even as the positive critical response came in, the band thought long and hard about what it meant to create music intended for public judgement. What needed to be done to make new music in an honest and thoughtful way? How could they even judge their own work in the blur of cross-country touring? The result of this inward searching is The Witness, the band’s first full length record in three years.

The Witness pairs the enthusiasm of TES's live show with a tender consideration for narrative and mood. Tracks such as “Silver Spoon” and “Boy in Blue” showcase the band's powerful rhythm section in contrast to the delicate melodic touches of electric piano and trumpet. The vocals paint wistful portraits of past memories, all half-spoiled by time spent in the filing cabinet of the mind. Instead of seeking judgement, the songs from The Witness reach for inward understanding through the use of an observational tone. 

The Eastern Sea is Matthew Hines (Vocals/Guitar), Kevin Thomas (Trumpet), Tomas Garcia-Olano (Bass), Andy Beaudoin (Drums), and Kurt Lammers (Keyboards).

The Witness Tracklist

  1. Horus, a Chorus
  2. Boy in Blue
  3. Something Sweet
  4. Silver Spoon
  5. Field Mouse Sea Lion
  6. The Curse
  7. Baseball
  8. Young Nones
  9. The Fool
  10. A Wave Goodbye